We believe that it is possible to reconcile the business presence with actions to preserve the environment, in addition to paying attention to the social context in which we operate. Our business is 100% renewable. And we go further: we make broad commitments to promote sustainable transformation throughout the chain. For Atiaia Renováveis, ESG is in practice.

Our results in the environmental pillar

Atiaia Ing

Environmental pillar

We promote sustainable development through the diversification of renewable energy sources, contributing to a low carbon economy and the Brazilian energy transition, mitigating the effects of climate change in the communities where we are present.
We care for the conservation of biodiversity, protecting flora and fauna, and promoting the conscious use of water.
We guarantee the adoption of the best environmental management practices in all our businesses.
We are agents of sustainable transformation, focused on clean energy. We promote positive transformations and act as facilitators of connection between our customers and the future.

Main guidelines and environmental actions


We guarantee physical and emotional safety in the work environment. And we encourage the development of our employees, promoting pillars such as socio-environmental awareness and a culture of respect for diversity and inclusion.
We generate a positive social impact in the communities where we are present, stimulating ecological awareness in addition to promoting the generation of employment and income.
We walk side by side with our customers as partners in their clean energy evolution and in the pursuit of competitiveness. We believe in a new relationship in the sector, with more proximity and collaboration, offering flexibility and agility in solutions.

Main guidelines and social actions


Respect and promote in our actions the 4 pillars of Corporate Governance: transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility.
Carry out risk management, contemplating the ESG pillars.
We promote initiatives that are aligned with our purpose and strategic objectives.
We cultivate honest and lasting relationships, working side by side with transparency and integrity. At Atiaia, human relationships and the business environment go hand in hand.

Main guidelines and governance actions